Fabian Riemenschneider, eins oder null, 2021, welded wire mesh, concrete, variable dimensions

Louis Baca, In Two Halves. Tomorrow And Maybe Love, 2021, 7-inch record, 9 x 9 cm

Louis Baca, Tomorrow And Maybe Love, 2021, composed by Aurelio Siani (1985), text by A. Visconti, digitalised 7-inch record, side b, 3:30 min.

Louis Baca, In Two Halves, 2021, composed by A. La Piccirella (1985), text by N. Spallone, digitalised 7-inch record, side a, 3:25 min.

Fabian Riemenschneider, Ankündigung, 2021, detail, letter, 21,0 x 29,7 cm

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