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Nassim L'Ghoul (2020)
Rosario Aninat (2021)
Karwath + Todisko (2021)
Eleni Wittbrodt (2021)
Aline Sofie Rainer (2021)
Catherina Cramer & Giulietta Ockenfuß (2021)

Inaugurated in 2020, L187 artists' editions are a special production made for the space. The acquisition of these edition supports L187's progressive programme. All proceeds go directly towards nurturing the development of transformative ideas, as well as directly supporting fellow artists.

Nassim L'Ghoul, Salzwiese, detail, 2020, 3D rendering on USB flash drive, dimensions variable, unencrypted until 01.01.2045, metal box, stainless steel chain, edition of 15 + 5 A.P., © and courtesy of the artist and L187

In the exhibition "Alle schweigen charmant", Nassim L'Ghoul dealt with the topic of digital decay and the handling of digital artworks. The work refers directly to the works Nassim L'Ghoul presented in the exhibition, which, among other things, disintegrated over the period of the exhibition and then deleted themselves. This work also focuses on the simulated decay of the image. For this purpose, 20 USB flash drives were created, which will encrypt themselves on January 1st, 2045. From this point on, the picture on the USB flash drive can no longer be accessed, which also artificially limits the lifespan of the picture.

Nassim L'Ghoul

Alle schweigen charmant

21.08. – 04.09.2020

Dimensions: 115 x 85 x 22 mm
Technique: 3D rendering on USB flash drive
Edition: 15 + 5 A.P
Signed and numbered.

Price: 60,00 € plus shipping (Germany 4,05 €)